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Success Stories

                                                                  Adapsyn Bioscience has a proprietary
                                                                  platform that applies patented algorithms,
                                                                  proprietary artificial intelligence, and machine
                                                                  learning to genomic and metabolomic data
                                                                  from microbes to sift through thousands of
                                                                  compounds a year with the goal of identifying
                                                                  and developing novel drugs. Adapsyn has
                                                                  completed a round of financing that was co-
                                                                  funded by Pfizer R&D Innovate and Genesys
                                                                  Capital. In addition, the company announced
                                                                  a research collaboration with Pfizer Inc., in
                                                                  2018 that entitles the Hamilton company
                                                                  to potential preclinical, and regulatory
                                                                  milestone payments of up to $162 million,
                                                                  as well as royalties on potential future sales
                                                                  of any product that may be derived from this

                                                                  Allarta Life Sciences is a Hamilton
                                                                  company out of McMaster that is providing
          A place for the future                                  cell-based therapies for diabetes and other
                                                                  endocrine disorders. The company holds a
          Dr. Sheila Singh is a pediatric neurosurgeon            number of patents in the U.S. and Canada
          and co-founder of Empirica therapeutics, a              and secured $2 million in seed funding for
          mcmaster start-up developing novel cancer               pre-clinical trials. Next up is closing a Series
          therapies.                                              A round.
          Singh says Hamilton’s scientific community has          Reliq Health Technologies is a rapidly
          a legacy of great discoveries in radiochemistry,
          clinical epidemiology, molecular probes, and            growing telemedicine company focused
          immuno-oncology.                                        on developing innovative remote patient
                                                                  monitoring and care solutions. Reliq’s iUGO
          Thanks to strong support for scientific                 CARE platform uses wearables, sensors,
          entrepreneurship, that research is being                voice technology and intuitive mobile apps
          commercialized and the cycle is growing                 and desktop software that deliver constant,
          stronger because those innovators are staying           real-time monitoring data that prevents costly
          in Hamilton to train the next generation of             hospital re-admissions and ER visits. The
          scientists. after Dr. Singh’s company was               publicly traded company just announced a
          acquired in 2020 by Century therapeutics, the           200 per cent increase in sales for its most
          Canadian subsidiary established its primary             recent quarter, exceeding $1.5 million.
          research activities out of mcmaster innovation
          Park.                                                   Triumvira Immunologics is an
                                                                  immunotherapy company co-founded in
          “We have a very differentiated set of skills in         2015 by Dr. Jonathan Bramson at McMaster
          Hamilton that have poised us for success in
          the biomedical and biotechnology sector,” said          University. It is developing novel T-cell
          Singh. “the good news is that the scientists            therapies that are safer and more efficacious
          who have made the seminal discoveries and               than current cancer treatments. All the
          spun out companies currently at miP are                 company’s research happens in Hamilton and
          here training the next generation of research           its lead candidate is undergoing clinical trials.
          scientists at mcmaster University.”                     Triumvira, which completed a $55 million USD
                                                                  Series A financing round in 2020, ranked fifth
          “I would definitely welcome any investors to            on BioSpace’s NextGen Bio Class of 2021, a
          come and take a look at the world-class science         list of up-and-coming life sciences companies
          being done here and the incredible innovation           in North America.
          being applied to how we’ve been able to
          translate those discoveries to patients.”

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