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Able Innovations
Advance quality of care, efficiency and safety in healthcare through user-centric, robotic innovation

Enter Able Innovations, which has built a robotic medical device designed to address the problem of patient transfer, called the ALTA Platform.

Today, transfers require 2+ staff to exert back-breaking effort resulting in injuries, burnout, and added burden. Able’s robotic technology enables a single caregiver to conduct safe and automated transfers – transforming how healthcare is delivered.

Able Innovations’ mission to automate patient transfer has been manifesting for years. As Jayiesh Singh volunteered in long-term-care, he witnessed how unhappy patients and staff felt after patient transfer. Philip Chang then experienced the struggles of patient transfer first-hand when he was admitted into a healthcare facility for a prolonged period of time. Following the co-founders’ unique journeys, they arrived at the same conclusion; the status-quo of patient transfers is unsustainable.

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