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Activation Laboratories Group
A global leader in analytical lab services

Activation Laboratories Group (Actlabs) is a global company with a local presence. The Actlabs Group of Companies provides contract analytical services covering all aspects of analysis from academic research applications to routine quality control functions.

We provide our services to many fields, including Pharmaceutical & Clinical, Environmental & Occupational Health, Agricultural and Materials Testing areas.

We provide contract analytical services to a variety of market segments. The Life Sciences Division was established in 2003 and has evolved to offer a full suite of developmental, CMC and research laboratory services for the Life Sciences market. Clients include Pharmaceutical, Biotech, NHP, Medical device and Cosmetic companies world-wide.

The ISO 17025 accredited and Health Canada licensed GMP laboratories have also been inspected by FDA several times. Actlabs prides itself on being Technology Pioneers and were awarded an Innovationaward by the Federal Government in 2009. Drawing from their expertise in the fields of pharmaceutical analytics, biotechnology analytics and agriculture testing, their Life Sciences group offers scientific expertise across many platforms. Their core vision is to concentrate on development and delivery of
novel analytical assays, bioassays and pioneering technologies in conjunction with our academic and industry partners, while meeting regulatory compliance. With over 300 employees in our headquarters in Ancaster and over 1000 world-wide, Activation Laboratories continues to deliver excellence in all markets served.

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