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Adapsyn Bioscience
Next-Generation Bioinformatics Platform

Adapsyn is a chemical bioinformatics company that discovers and develops novel bacterial metabolites for use as therapeutics

Founded in 2016, Adapsyn Bioscience is developing a next-generation bioinformatics platform devoted to discovering previously unidentified natural product drug candidates by selectively isolating new agents with the potential to interrogate difficult-to-drug phenotypes. The company applies proprietary machine learning to genomic and metabolomic data from microbes in and around us to discover new natural products encoded within microbial genomes.

Early components of the Adapsyn platform are detailed in leading scientific journals, including PNAS, Nucleic Acid Research, and the Nature and Cell Series Journals. The company has ongoing collaborations with leading pharmaceutical companies and is actively developing an internal pipeline of therapeutic candidates.

Fast Facts
Contact Email: [email protected]
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