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Affinity Biologicals
Manufacturer of reagents and kits used in hemostasis and thrombosis diagnostics and research

With a strong background in hemostasis research and a focus on reagent development, Affinity has become a primary manufacturer of more than 250 reagents and kits used in hemostasis and thrombosis research and diagnostics. Affinity Biologicals Inc. (Affinity) was founded in 1987 by the principals Hugh and Patricia Hoogendoorn.

Our product line includes: coagulation related antibodies, matched-pair antibody sets for ELISA, depleted/deficient plasmas, protease inhibitor deficient plasmas, the VisuLize™ line of complete ELISA kits and the VisuCon™ & VisuCal™ coagulation controls and calibration plasmas.

All Affinity Biologicals products are manufactured in our Ancaster, ON (Canada) facility, products are sold direct in North America and world wide through a network of branded and private-label distributors. Affinity has an ISO 13485:2003 registered Quality System and is a licensed medical device manufacturer recognized by the US Food and Drug Administration, Health Canada and European regulatory authorities (CE Mark).

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