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Altius Analytics Labs
The Future of Workplace Safety

Altius Analytics Labs is a Toronto, ON-based tech company developing AI tools to enhance the efficiency and efficacy of workplace health & safety programs.

Founded by experts in Biomechanics and Computer Vision Engineering, our flagship product allows users to quickly, easily and accurately quantify job task physical demands, ergonomic/musculoskeletal injury risk and human performance using objective 3D human motion data by simply filming them with a camera.

Conduct objective physical demands analyses, ergonomic risk assessments and other work-related audits by simply taking a video. No wearable suits. No external sensors. No calibration process. Just point, film and receive accurate 3D human motion data in near-real time.

Innovative workplace safety and ergonomics professionals can enhance the efficiency and scalability of their services, and develop data-driven risk control solutions.

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