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Altus Assessments
A robust academic admissions assessment of people skills

At Altus Assessments, we believe great professionals are more than just book smart. We deliver a robust academic admissions screening test for people skills.

Our primary tool is the online Casper test, delivered at takecasper.com. We unburden admissions departments while helping them find holistically better students. Research shows that Casper can do this more effectively than standard interviews, reference letters, and personal statements while helping widen access for disadvantaged applicants. This evidence-based approach has led to widespread adoption of Casper.

The Casper test has been used to screen over 100,000 applicants to medical school, health care programs, and teachers education, including 50% of all US Med school applicants, 70% of all Canadian Med school applicants in 2017 and all of Victoria State (Australia) Teacher Education applicants.

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