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Arya EHR
EHR designed by physicians for physicians

Arya is a Vancouver-based startup, that produces clinical, enterprise software solutions (EHRs) for Canadian physicians and allied health professionals. We are a team of <15 clinicians, developers, and business leaders from across Canada, including Hamilton Ontario.

Our goal is simple: to make health IT simple, integrated & transparent by recruiting the best healthcare talent to create software products that put the needs of providers and patients first.

Arya EHR seamlessly integrates incoming and outgoing e-fax for convenient handling of documents. It generates automatic patient reminders, allows patient online self-booking and provides tele-health functionality for virtual visits. It is cloud-based and accessible anywhere on PC, Mac, Tablet or SmartPhone. Most importantly it does all of this while adhering to the highest standards of security and privacy

In multiple case studies of clinics converting to Arya EHR, a 50% reduction in clerical workload was observed, freeing up clerical time for more meaningful activities or reducing overall clerical hours.

Finally, Arya EHR has been built with a full backend database and analytics functionality. This enables the possibility of a high-quality data set that can drive quality improvement, answer research questions, contribute to national initiatives and inform regulatory decisions. The benefits of this cannot be understated.

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