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Bay Area Health Trust
Promoting entrepreneurship and investing in businesses to support patient care

At the intersection of health, life sciences and business, Bay Area Health Trust is an example of a successful partnership between hospitals and the for-profit private sector. Leveraging its unique affiliation with Hamilton Health Sciences, McMaster University and the other members of the Synapse Life Science Consortium, Bay Area Health Trust promotes entrepreneurship and invests in growth oriented businesses to support patient care.

Established in 2002, Bay Area Health Trust creates businesses and partnerships in support of our vision and mission. These enterprises provide health care related services for local and global markets. Bay Area Health Trust is constantly looking for new opportunities to generate profit to be used to support health care and health care research.

Bay Area Health Trust maintains a diverse portfolio of independent commercial business interests:

  • Bay Area Research Logistics
  • Bay Area Health Trust Business Development Office
  • Bay Area Records
  • Bay Area Realty Limited
  • Bay Area Energy Services
  • SteriRight
Fast Facts
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