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Blake Medical Group
Innovative Approach to Prevntative Medical Care Products

Blake Medical Group Inc. has over 15 years experience in medical manufacturing, medical service providing and advanced wound care.

We create products that prevent injury from untreated wounds, pressure ulcers/sores or prolonged periods of vibration and multiple shocks/impact. We design and manufacture Geo-Matrix™ polymer gel – a critical component in our products because of its unique ability to dampen vibration and improve pressure redistribution, shear and friction making it effective for medical and industrial seating. We are also proud of our wound and pressure injury prevention program which uses a combination of education and wound care therapy strategies to prevent the onset or progression of costly injury.

Each company under the Blake Medical Group, has its own specialty, business model, management and R&D team to maintain our success, growth and focus on innovation in the healthcare market.

  • Blake Medical Distribution: is continually innovating medical products to enrich the lives of people who experience discomfort in their everyday lives.
  • Shift Seating: Military & industrial seating developed to address the risk of occupational exposure to whole-body vibration, prevalent in military and industrial occupations.
  • Therapeutic Surface Solutions: preventative wound and therapeutic solutions specializing in pressure injuries. With a combination of mattress products, surface solutions and education, assists long-term care (LTC) homes across Ontario with treating and preventing wounds and sores while in their care.
  • Oke Polymer Systems: manufacturers the polymer-based material (Geo-Matrix™ gel) utilized in Blake Medical Distribution’s and Shift Seating’s product lines.



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