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Centre for Advanced Light Microscopy (CALM)
State of the art light microscopy facility supporting scientific research, cross-disciplinary interactions and training future generations of microscopists

Light microscopy is an essential visualization, investigation, and characterization technique for many areas of research in the sciences, life sciences and engineering. 

Recognizing the importance of light microscopy techniques to the university research community, the Centre for Advanced Light Microscopy (CALM) was established as a joint collaborative effort between the Faculties of Science, Engineering and Health Sciences.

CALM aims at providing a shared environment, designed to foster academic and industrial partnerships through enhanced access to established, cutting-edge light microscopy, photo-patterning, and light-assisted 3D printing techniques. Our staff provides expert training, technical support, and imaging services to best serve our users’ needs. 

CALM facilities and instruments include Confocal Microscopes (e.g., Nikon A1R HD25, Zeiss LSM 700, Nikon A1R HD25), Atomic Force Microscopes (e.g., Asylum Research MFP-3D, AFM Bruker Dimension iCon), Super-Resolution Microscopes (e.g., Structured Illumination Microscope, TIRF/PALM-STORM), Widefield Microscopes (Inverted Plate Reader EVOS FL, Upright Widefield Microscope Olympus), and others.


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