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Centre for Integrated Care
An innovation incubator and accelerator powered by St. Joseph’s Health System (SJHS)

The Centre for Integrated Care, or “CIC”, is an innovation incubator and accelerator powered by the St. Joseph’s Health System (SJHS), the Research Institute of St. Joe’s Hamilton, and the partners we work with.

We believe getting timely and adequate care should be less complicated: fewer steps, less confusion, less wasted effort, more sharing, and more time to spend with people. Integrated care means integrating people who provide care and the systems they use. We prefer practical and simple innovations that fit within existing resources. Our mission is to integrate systems and remove barriers to advance people-centred care.

Our hub includes patients, families/caregivers, care providers, health care leaders, researchers, educators, and technology experts who are united in one goal: to improve the delivery of health and social services for better outcomes.

Fast Facts
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