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Centre For Probe Development and Commercialization
Your radiopharmaceutical deployment partner

At the CPDC we discover, develop, and distribute radiopharmaceuticals. The CPDC was founded in 2008 as a Centre of Excellence for Commercialization and Research (CECR), specializing in radiopharmaceutical research and development. Since its inception, CPDC has gained recognition as a leading radiopharmaceutical organization. It is one of a very few R&D centres that has the full range of scientific, technical, regulatory and business expertise combined with the full specialized infrastructure required to translate radiopharmaceuticals to the clinic and provide them to the commercial marketplace

CPDC has assembled a superb team comprised of seasoned executives, entrepreneurs, and drug developers to complement its unique and strong foundation of specialized staff that have a depth of scientific, technical, regulatory and market experience. Working with our academic and pharma partners CPDC has completed over 50 radiopharmaceutical discovery, development, and manufacturing programs. We have brought over a dozen radiopharmaceuticals into clinical development, which currently support more than 25 clinical trials in Canada, North America and Europe.

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