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Cloud DX
Precision vital sign monitoring equipment, software and mobile apps that cost less

Cloud DX combines core competencies in biomedical hardware engineering, cloud-based medical device architecture, algorithm-based result generation, regulatory approval experience and internationally ISO certified quality management, brought together to create a new category of medical device: the medically accurate, consumer/clinical vital sign platform. Cloud DX is a first-mover in the race to combine clinical grade data collection with a consumer-friendly user experience.

Cloud DX is pushing the boundaries of medical device technology, with smart sensors, ease of use, cloud diagnostics, artificial intelligence and incredible design. We focus on the critical mission of collecting better vital sign data. Our partners choose Cloud DX for vital signs because we offer the best value, period.

Cloud DX can be integrated with many popular EMRs, improving efficiency and ROI. The net result of innovation, collaboration and integration is a platform that unifies the clinical and home monitoring experience, delivering the connected health solutions needed in the 21st century.

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