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Exerkine Corporation is a biotechnology company developing novel therapies for the treatment of genetic and aging-associated diseases. Exerkine’s focus is on developing and commercializing therapies that can materially improve the lives of patients.

Recent developments in exercise physiology are identifying novel biologic compounds and delivery systems that can be harnessed to treat a variety of diseases. We have built on this emerging understanding to create exosome-based therapies that are substantially superior to current approaches and methodologies.

Results from preclinical trials of our exosome-based therapies in genetic disorders, such as lysosomal storage diseases, have shown improvements in molecular and clinical outcomes that significantly exceed those of existing treatments. Our therapies are also effective against any known genetic disease group including; mitochondrial and neuromuscular diseases, and cystic fibrosis. Our Exerkine protein therapies show substantial efficacy in the treatment of aging-related diseases, such as muscle atrophy, obesity and type 2 diabetes.

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