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Cancer Breakthroughs. Realized.

FACIT strategically invests in the most promising technologies arising from Ontario’s outstanding research base. We transform the most promising oncology innovations into highly competitive opportunities that benefit patients, researchers, investors, and Ontario’s economy.

FACIT is the gateway to the cancer research pipeline in Ontario. As a bridge between the public and private sectors, we apply an entrepreneurial approach, along with strong business expertise and industry connections, to continuously identify and advance breakthroughs in science and technology. An active partner in all of our projects, we help move oncology innovations to real world opportunities that benefit investors, patients and our economy through:

  • Technology Assessment to help identify the most commercially or clinically promising ideas.
  • Project Development to help implement a project through all necessary steps in order to reach market.
  • Embedded Management working directly within a team to provide the guidance and resources help to strike a deal or launch a company.
  • Business Intelligence and Strategies providing expert advice, insight and management processes to successfully bring an idea to market.
  • Business Development connecting researchers and inventors with the right partners, and providing guidance on structuring deals and licensing ideas.
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