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Farncombe Family Gnotobiotic Facility
Canada’s only gnotobiotic research facility for gastrointestinal disease

McMaster is home of Canada’s only gnotobiotic, or germ free, research facility for gastrointestinal disease and other research including immunology and microbiology. The $5 million Farncombe Family Gnotobiotic Facility, located at the Health Sciences Centre, was opened in 2005.

The 3,000-square-foot laboratory’s strict controls ensure sterility and control of the bacterial environment for research into the host-microbial interaction in the gut, a significant issue for understanding immune reactivity in the gut and susceptibility to a range of gastrointestinal and other diseases such as inflammatory bowel and functional bowel diseases, allergy and autoimmunity including diabetes.

What we offer:

  • Sterility and a strictly controlled bacterial environment for the study of host-microbial interactions in the gut
  • Axenic (germ-free) mice which can be purchased from the Facility or housed in the Facility in germ-free status for a per diem rate

We can help you:

  • Purchase germ free mice
  • Re-derivate a mouse strain in germ-free conditions
  • Obtain tissues and ship to your facility

How we do it:

  • Axenic (germ-free) mice obtained by two-stage embryo transfer (ET)
  • Axenic breeding and limited microbiota breeding (ASF, oligoMM)
  • Facility equipped with recently renewed flexible film gnotobiotic isolators as well ISO Cage Positive isolators
  • Specific experimental facilities (e.g. animal behavior isolator), sterile procedure rooms, as well as Level 2 biohazard housing and procedure area available
Fast Facts
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