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Fero International
Scalable, pressurized mobile medical units

FERO creates disruptive, flexible, proprietary mobile infrastructure solutions at a fraction of the cost of traditional infrastructure and does so while creating jobs, saving money, innovating and helping the economy grow.

We collaborate with healthcare professionals, stakeholders and other sectors to develop customizable units for our clients’ unique needs. We provide full-service solutions in a flexible and reliable manner – we create, we sell or lease, we install and assemble, we service and troubleshoot, we disassemble, we staff, and we store and stockpile. Our 130,000 sq ft of manufacturing space at two locations, allows us to produce our mobile units and distribute them on demand.

FERO builds scalable, pressurized mobile medical units using breakthrough patented technologies that support hospitals, long-term care homes, remote communities, schools, military and more.

Fast Facts
Contact Email: [email protected]
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