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Forsythe Lubricants
Contract blender for manjor chemical and oil companies, including hand sanitizer

Forsythe Lubricants is a Hamilton-based manufacturing company since 1911, and has recently stood up a hand sanitization business unit in response to COVID-19 related PPE. Forsythe manufactures both liquid and gel USP grade hand sanitizer, with production capacity of up to 1.5Mkg per month, if needed. They produce both 250 / 500ml bottles of hand sanitizers.

Forsythe core business is the of manufactures industrial and automotive fluids and lubricants. Handling automotive factory-fill, packaging, and distribution, we offer a full range of lubricants and fluid blending services, as well as lab services, inclusive packaging, maintenance solutions, 24 emergency services, and plant lubricants surveys. From supporting small 4 drum blend projects to major oil company multi million gallon requirements. Forsythe is an ISO 9001 IATF 16949 certified facility that provides exceptional quality and service to its customers.

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