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Accelerating drug development and manufacturing
GL CHEMTEC is your trusted CDMO partner for API development and tailored polymers for drug delivery

Established in 2002, GL CHEMTEC is a leading, independent CRO/CDMO partner. We provide innovative solutions and technologies to various industries, including pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device/biomedical materials, ophthalmology, and tailored polymers. Our comprehensive services cover almost all areas of the drug development process, from discovery to manufacturing, utilizing our state-of-the-art facilities in North America.

At GL CHEMTEC, green chemistry is more than a service, it is a core value that shapes our approaches, processes, and operations. We are proud of our enduring partnerships with top-tier life science establishments worldwide, constantly striving for excellence in areas such as small molecule R&D, process development, scale-up, green chemistry, and drug delivery.

Customers often approach us with their most important chemistry challenges, and we excel in solving them. With our expertise in small molecule API development and tailored polymers, we offer fast, flexible, and world-class solutions. We encourage you to explore our capabilities, facilities, and to reach out to us for more information. Together, we can accelerate the development of next-generation therapeutics and biomedical materials, ultimately improving the human condition.

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