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Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology Laboratory
Providing broad range of genomics and proteomics solutions

The Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology Laboratory (GMEL) provide high-quality, affordable, cutting-edge genomics services. Our labs are equipped with the latest technology to perform a range of experiments, including next generation sequencing, microarray analysis, and bioinformatics.

GMEL provides a broad range of genomics and proteomics solutions from high-throughput DNA/RNA extraction to sample quantitation and quality assessment, microarray-based experiments (genotyping, gene expression, methylation), next-generation sequencing (exome, RNA, custom target, low-pass whole-genome), multiplexed protein biomarker assays, and many other services. Additionally, we provide support for experimental design considerations, bioinformatics and statistical analyses, and interpretation/ reporting of results.

The laboratory specializes in large-scale population genetic studies, is automated and handles projects ranging from a few hundred to >10,000 samples. To date, the GMEL has analyzed over 50,000 DNA samples.

The GMEL possesses a broad variety of instrumentation (QIAsymphony, BioAnalyzer, Fragment Analyzer, Gene Titan array scanner, Illumina iScan, 2 Ion Torrent S5XL Sequencers, BioNano Genomics Irys System, Thermofisher ViiA7 RT-PCR System, QuantStudio 3D Digital PCR System, Pyromark Q24 instrument, BioMark HD System, Bio-Plex Luminex Multiplex assays, Olink panel assays, SomaLogic SOMAscan assay) as well as the necessary bioinformatics infrastructure (10 dedicated servers) to process large genomics projects at reasonable turnaround times.

These services are available to researchers at McMaster University, as well as academic and non-academic users locally, nationally and internationally, on a fee-for-service basis. Our technical staff can also assist in the setup and design of experiments.


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