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Hamilton Centre for Kidney Research (HCKR)
Clinical and basic research expertise around kidney disease

Since its inception, the Hamilton Centre for Kidney Research (HCKR) has become one of the premier research centres in Canada combining expertise in both basic science and clinical research. Our mandates are to translate our world class biomedical research into clinical practice to prevent and treat progressive kidney disease in children and adults across all walks of life, and to define best approaches to treat kidney disease and its complications.

In affiliation with the Division of Nephrology, HCKR members investigate key aspects of kidney function and disease, including fundamental and translational research in hypertension, vascular calcification, glomerulonephritis, transplant rejection, diabetic nephropathy, genetic studies of chronic kidney disease and complications of dialysis. The resulting genetic targets and seminal discoveries uncovered by researchers at the HCKR represent the foundation for the development of novel medicines and treatment approaches for chronic kidney disease and its complications.

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