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Hamilton Medical Research Group
A unique partnership in drug development and commercialization

Hamilton Medical Research Group (HMRG) delivers a unique partnership in drug development and commercialization through working with our partners in development and introduction of safe and effective medicines that improve lives of Canadians.

Our expert network of scientists and medical professionals, demonstrates our clinical expertise, to provide an in-depth understanding and execution of clinical research for Canadian and International results. We leverage this network for expert opinion and expert support to deliver marketing and medical objectives for new and existing products.

Range of Services

  • Advisory Boards – HMRG leverages a  multidisciplinary approach to understand unique challenges of different  healthcare professional groups to  build positive support amongst key opinion leaders – specialists, primary care physicians and other healthcare professionals
  • Sales/Marketing Training – HMRG  will develop and deliver learning based on adult learning principles to sales teams and marketing personnel
  • Drug Development Consultation
  • Regulatory Submission Support
  • Clinical Operations


  • Scientific and clinical expertise in diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, vascular disorders, bone health, dermatological disorders, immunology, neurological disorders, oncology
  • Deep understanding of patient management and Family Health Teams
  • Competency in the analysis of therapeutics to identify GAPS in knowledge and usage
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