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Research. Solutions. And everything in between.

IDEAWORKS is Mohawk College’s applied research and innovation department. IDEAWORKS fills the space between research and solutions by delivering customized support to organizations. Innovation helps organizations grow. In some instances, what’s needed to achieve success is not available within the organization.

We help Canadian and international businesses, non-profits, governments and other organizations grow and innovate through applied research and innovation projects. Advancing innovation, design thinking, entrepreneurship, and applied research, IDEAWORKS collaborates closely with industry to commercialize ideas and improve business productivity by providing access to knowledge, staff, state-of-the-art labs and research capacity.

IDEAWORKS activities and services include:

  • Research, design, develop, prototype, test and commercialize new products, processes and technologies
  • Training and mentorship opportunities
  • Teaming services
  • Access to Mohawk’s facilities and equipment
  • Access to funding programs
  • Events and networking opportunities
Fast Facts
Contact Email: [email protected]
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