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Diagnostic sensors targeting pathogenic bacteria

InnovoGENE Biosciences Inc. is a research-driven biotechnology company with an innovative platform for developing diagnostic sensors targeting pathogenic bacteria.

To solve many of the underlying challenges faced in various industries that require a quick, easy, and affordable method to identify pathogens, InnovoGENE has created a series of probes based on a molecular material known as Functional Nucleic Acids. This proprietary technology can accurately identify pathogens in a variety of environmental and biological samples without loss of efficiency.

This unique feature differentiates InnovoGENE from competing technologies and enables us to enter markets that have yet found an alternative solution to their currently encumbered method of pathogen detection

At InnovoGENE Biosciences, we firmly believe that Functional Nucleic Acids such as aptamers and DNAzymes have the potential to significantly advance our ability to develop sensors and be used as therapeutics. Our mission is to realize this potential by supporting a community of researchers willing to adopt and utlize this extraordinary material. In additon to developing our own sensors using Functional Nucleic Acids, we provide a whole suite of products and services that will enable your research to discover new and more innovative technologies. With a team of more than 20 years of research experience within this field, we highly encourage you to connect with us to see how Functional Nucleic Acids can be integrated into your own research and development.

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