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McMaster Child Health Research Institute
Research and educational efforts dedicated to challenges faced by children

Researchers at the McMaster Child Health Research Institute are looking beyond medical treatments of individual conditions to explore the deeper connections between childhood illness and long-term health. The mandate of the MCHRI is to foster collaborative research and educational efforts dedicated to understanding the forces and experiences that shape human development and health as children and youth with complicated lives and their families move through the life-course.

The MCHRI is comprised of internationally recognized child health research programs organized under a common umbrella. Our research partners have significant research expertise in child and youth mental health, childhood disability, childhood cancer, obesity, exercise and nutrition, bone and muscle disorders and child maltreatment. Working together, they share knowledge and address the common themes of children and families with complicated lives.

The MCHRI brings a fresh and innovative perspective to child and youth health, and expects to learn lessons that will benefit children and families everywhere.

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