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McMaster Institute for Research on Aging (MIRA)
Transforming the experience of aging by transforming the science of aging

McMaster University is a recognized leader in aging research, and is building on its infrastructure and expertise in this area through the McMaster Institute for Research on Aging (MIRA).

MIRA was created to stimulate and facilitate interdisciplinary research in aging, as well as to develop innovative educational programs for students within the academic and clinical realms. The Institute’s approach is to conduct research in cross-Faculty teams and engage the older adult community, their families, healthcare providers and other key stakeholders through every stage of the research process, from design to evaluation and implementation of interventions and technologies.

At MIRA, we examine biological, behavioural, technological and environmental factors ​that affect how people age. Our approach is interdisciplinary, and we combine the following strategies:

  • A coordinated, collaborative research agenda between academics and clinicians from all faculties.
  • The use of design thinking to generate human-centred solutions.
  • Ongoing interaction with a diverse group of stakeholders, such as policymakers and older adults.

Research at the McMaster Institute for Research on Aging is intended to generate solutions that are practical, readily implemented, and that promote aging in place

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