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MedTel Software
Providing efficient, cost saving billing and medical software solutions

MedTel Software Ltd. is committed to providing efficient, cost saving billing and medical software solutions at a reasonable price. We’ve been offering industry leading software solutions and top notch client support since 1997.

A Canadian market leader in providing billing solutions for physicians, MedTel Software Ltd. also provides the same quality with our new integrated medical information products that target specialty physicians and clinics. MedTel offers four core service solutions:

  • Online: The Personal Billing Assistant (PBA) is a web based OHIP billing application that can access claims from any computer with an internet connection. It provides an incredibly simple interface and a vast array of billing features.
  • Desktop: The desktop Personal Billing Assistant was MedTel’s original software product way back in 1997 and evolved greatly over the years, making it the premier OHIP physician billing software for a generation.
  • OHIP Billing Software: enter and submit OHIP claims, enabling fee-for-service claim processing, alternative payment program and direct claims submissions. Error resolution (ie version codes, birthdays etc.), claims reconciliation and reconciliation reporting are also covered to ensure claims are paid to your clinic
  • Chronic Pain Management System: the IT Infrastructure for the Chronic Pain Center of Excellence for Veterans
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