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Operatic Agency
Creative Digital Agency - Business Innovation That Makes Your Brand Sing

Operatic (formerly Parallel) helps companies create amazing apps and websites, working with startups as well as some of the Ontario’s largest companies to build products that are intelligent, attractive, and user-friendly.

From a simple sketch, to a prototype, to the product launch, Operatic can effectively get it out in the real world. Our diverse team focused on design, technology, and strategy that can take a product idea from start to finish.

Our clients have come to us in various stages of the product life-cycle. Whether we’re starting from scratch on a new idea or updating and maintaining an existing platform, we’re good to tackle any challenge.

People and processes are core elements of success. That’s why we’ve brought together an ensemble of tech, creative and marketing talent who have experience in our key verticals. We’re data-driven and won’t make any decisions without first understanding the needs, wants and behaviours of your audience. These differentiators, or core principles, led us to craft a process that aligns precisely with our multidisciplinary services.

Fast Facts
Contact Email: [email protected]
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