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A New Way to Grow 3D Complex Tissues with Ease

OrganoBiotech pioneers platform technologies that allow users to model complex biology with ease and without compromising experimental throughputs. We develop and sell a tissue culture platform (IFlowPlate™) used to grow stem cell-derived organoids with blood vessel networks to make more predictive pre-clinical models for drug discovery.

At OrganoBiotech, we understand that studying human biology and validating new medicine are complex endeavors. You need to build confidence in your discovery with models that recapitulate the complex biological process found in the human body. Our proprietary IFlowPlate platform technology allows users to model complex biology with ease and without compromising experimental throughputs so that you can focus on your discovery. Our IFlowPlate technology is supported by multiple scientific publications in Advanced Materials, Lab on a Chip , and ACS Biomaterials and Engineering

Organoids are miniaturized organs grown in a dish over time from a single or a small cluster of human stem cells. Organoids have a biological complexity that resembles the natural human organs and can offer valuable insights into the function of drugs, the mechanism of disease progression, and the process of organ development that cannot be provided with existing pre-clinical models. However, all existing organoid systems lack perfusable blood vessel networks. Blood vessels are the most prevalent biological structures in the human body, and all organs rely on them to function correctly. They are also closely associated with diseases and immunological responses. To solve this problem, we developed a platform technology (IFlowPlateTM) that can be used to grow blood vessels around various organoids to make more predictive human tissue models for drug screening and fundamental biological research.

Collaborators include Sigma, GSK, and Merck, among others. OrganoBiotech, Inc. is a startup company from McMaster University, and is active across Southern Ontario

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