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Parapixel Diagnostics Inc.
The Future of Pathology— Multi-Modal Conversational AI Analytics

Parapixel is re-envisioning the digital pathology experience.

We are designing practical digital pathology workflow support tools with an interdisciplinary team of pathologists, engineers, and computer scientists. These tools address tangible, real-work workflow needs that are defined by pathologists. At the same time, we are introducing state-of-the-art technology known as multi-modal learning, where information from multiple sources (e.g., pathology images, diagnostic reports, molecular data) are simultaneously used to represent patients.

Our technology is coupled to a highly customized simple and easy-to-use interface that incorporates touch-screen capability and conversational analytics, where pathologists can converse with the software using natural language commands. Our innovative digital pathology framework encompasses multimodal learning and human-centric conversation-enabled interfaces to transform digital pathology and lead the field into a post-pandemic era of augmented diagnostics.

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Address: Hamilton, ON
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