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Data Driven Results

Since 2004, ProSensus has established itself as a trusted, global leader in Big Data analytics and machine vision solutions. We have a global install-base of machine vision systems that spans the consumer-packaged goods (CPG), synthetic rubber, and pharmaceutical industries. Also, we have helped many Fortune 500 companies in the specialty chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and oil & gas industries improve product quality, increase yield, and reduce operating costs using multivariate statistics and optimization from historical data. Our products and services relate to: – Rapid product formulation: helping our customers formulate new or improved products faster through our FormuSense software and consulting services – Process analysis & troubleshooting: extracting actionable insights from large, messy datasets for process improvement and optimization -Machine vision solutions: providing clients with turnkey solutions to automate inspection and provide new measurements to optimize processes and improve quality – Training: custom in-house courses covering the theory and applications of multivariate analysis From off-the-shelf products and services to perfect-fit customization, both off-line and on-line, we are ready to deliver!

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