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Powerful Digital Health Solutions for a Healthier Population

SanteSuite Inc. (SSI) is one of the world’s most experienced teams in global digital health systems research, development and implementation around the globe. SSI was founded with a clear reason for being, which is to enable the best health for all citizens of the world using digital technologies. Crafting high impact, affordable digital health solutions is what we love, it is what we are good at and it is what the world needs..

Our team has led national-scale digital health system deployments in Canada, Jordan, Tanzania, and Southeast Asia. We have enabled +75 millions of patients to be cared for through leveraging digital solutions.

SanteSuite offers a collection of software solutions built upon the SanteDB iCDR and dCDR technologies. SanteSuite products aim to provide a cohesive platform for implementing a variety of solutions including Master Patient/Person Index (MPI), Master Facility Index (MFI), Master Provider Registry (MPR).


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