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Sheardown Lab
Biomaterials offering a view of the future

With a focus on vision health, the Sheardown Lab is invested in engineering novel solutions to treat a breadth of ocular pathologies. Our expertise lies in contact lenses, targeted drug delivery, preclinical modeling, and polymer chemistry, with an emphasis on commercialization.

We are working on the next-generation of contact lenses capable of delivering drug effectively to the front of the eye to treat anterior ocular conditions. We are also improving upon the formulation of contact lenses to improve patient comfort. Working with industry partners, we are helping formulations reach market fast.

Utilizing our expertise in drug delivery, we are developing novel methods for sustained drug delivery to ocular tissues through our patented technologies and biomedical modelling strategies.

Our vast knowledge allows us to design and synthesize original formulations that can prolong ocular residence time, increase tissue permeation, and deliver that vital cargo to where it needs to go. Our expertise in animal modeling allows us to study a breadth of ocular disease states as well as test our novel ocular biomaterials in-vivo.

Invested in commercialization, we collaborate with industry partners to help products get to market. Some current collaborations are shown below.

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