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Synthetic Virus Technologies
Solving the DNA delivery challenge

When DNA was first recognized as the code of life, it was predicted that we might one day rewrite this code to overcome disease and other ailments.  But, more than 60 years later it’s clear that writing DNA code is only half of the puzzle.  DNA must be read in a cell before its power can be unwound. The other half of the puzzle is DNA delivery itself, which continues to be a huge obstacle for all branches of life sciences.

Synthetic Virus Technologies Inc. was founded to finally make effective DNA delivery a reality.  Our unique technology is based on self-assembling DNA nanotechnology that brings together previously incompatible advances in non-viral smart drug delivery.  Stepwise assembly of our liposome “bubble” vehicles allows for tailored delivery through multiple membrane barriers like the blood brain barrier or to the nucleus of the cell.

Our first product is a smart drug delivery kit for the research academic market that will make the delivery of DNA plasmids, chromosomes and genomes into living cells possible.

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