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TRIO Capital Group
We provide the right people with the right capital to make their vision a reality

Entrepreneurs working to bring their big ideas to life need people with the right experience, resources, and mindset to help them do what they do best—because we’re not meant to do it all alone.

Through our multidisciplinary experience and our passion for people, we invest more than just our capital–we’re invested in the process of bringing your vision to reality. We love seeing the impact.

At TRIO, we see success as a team sport. As a team, we’re structured but flexible in our approach. While we have tried-and-true systems in place, we know that, sometimes, you have to try something different, using instinct to know when to pivot to get the best result. We believe in “risking” and “winning” together—over the long-term.

We can connect you to customers, suppliers, innovators, and industry thought leaders. Bringing our own experience in real estate, finance, law, and more, we have the industry know-how and understanding to direct you to the right processes, the right relationships, and the right capital.

Helping our communities thrive by supporting causes working to effect positive change is one of our most important initiatives. And, when it comes to your ventures, we will work with you to consider the community you’re trying to impact throughout the entire process.

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