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Weever Apps
Digital tools to support manufacturing operational excellence

Weever is a highly flexible platform that you can use to digitize pretty much any continuous improvement workflow. Here are some of the more common use cases.

Incident Reports: Automate the incident report workflow so that you are aware of what is happening and staff have the tools they need to be compliant, effective and productive.

Safety Observations: Foster a culture of safety by requiring staff to periodically assess the safety of other staff. Review observation reports and take corrective actions.

Safety Audits and Inspections: Ensure inspection and audit schedules are completed on-time and by appropriate staff to ensure compliance.

Abnormality Reports: Collect valuable data on product defects to inform preventive actions and KPIs. Learn more CAPA Ensure your corrective and preventive actions are thorough, efficient and follow your business rules.

LShift Reports: Don’t skip a beat between shifts by providing a seamless stream of insights.

Suggestions: Fuel continuous improvement through rich suggestions from front-line staff.

Document Management: Regulatory compliant document management solution with comprehensive audit trail and eSignature approvals.

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