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West Licoln Memorial Hospital
Caring for West Niagara residents

WLMH has been providing exceptional care and service to over 65,000 residents of West Niagara since 1946. WLMH officially became a site of Hamilton Health Sciences in 2013 through amalgamation. As a site of Hamilton Health Sciences, WLMH also serves as a point of access to one of the largest health systems in Canada for patients requiring more specialized care.

On average each year, staff and physicians at WLMH care for more than: 25,000 individuals who visit the Emergency Department, 2,900 patients who are admitted to the hospital, and 1,000 babies and moms. In addition, WLMH performs over 3,700 surgeries, of which 80 per cent are on an outpatient basis. WLMH is unique in its focus on integrating primary care. Local and family physicians comprise the medical staff working in the Emergency Department, operating rooms and throughout all areas of the hospital.

In partnership with McMaster University’s Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine located at Brock University, WLMH is also a teaching site for medical students in Niagara.

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