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in 2021, more than 200 life science
          organizations in Hamilton collectively
          contributed $5.7 billion to the economy.
          Hamilton boasts more than 6,700
          professional scientists, researchers and
          clinicians, and over 50 research institutes
          and centres, who collectively conducted
          $460 million on innovative research.

          Collaborative, diverse, and open-for-
          business, the city possesses a critical
          mass of life science infrastructure,
          assets, and expertise required for
          companies seeking to compete in Canada
          and around the globe.

          “Hamilton is quickly gaining an international
          reputation as a life sciences leader”, says
          norm Schleehahn, Director, Economic
          Development at the City of Hamilton.
          “From a talented workforce to rich research
          capacities to strong partnerships between
          academia and industry, life sciences
          continues to be a large economic driver for
          the City of Hamilton and major contributor
          in building a stronger, more technologically
          advanced economy.”

          From talent to funding, and from lab
          space to commercialization support, all
          the necessary ingredients can be found
          in Hamilton. Companies are seizing the
          opportunity to be part of a growing and
          dynamic “goldilocks-sized” city competing
          on a global scale – small enough to be
          nimble in supporting operations and growth,
          and yet not too large to be lost amongst the
          noise. Will yours be involved?
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