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        Capitalizing on
        Nuclear Research

        Fusion Pharmaceuticals is a precision
        radiopharmaceutical drug development
        company that emerged out of IP developed
        at McMaster Univesrity and the Centre for
        Probe Discovery and Commercialization. Its
        initial public offering in 2020 raised more
        than USD $212 million, the second-largest
        ever for a Canadian biotech company. This
        followed a $105 million Series B capital
        raise, amongst the largest in Canadian
        biotech history. It was named Ontario’s Life
        Sciences Company of the Year in 2018.
                                                  A History of Setting
        McMaster and Fusion are now working
        together to build a radiopharmaceutical
        manufacturing facility at McMaster        the Pace for Change
        Innovation Park (MIP) to serve a global
        market by 2024.
                                                  a culture of discovery, research excellence and a
        “Hamilton — based largely on McMaster’s   commitment to collaboration has laid the foundation
        research and innovation — is quickly      for Hamilton’s success, anchored by its academic
        becoming one of Ontario’s largest life    institutions and research hospitals.
        sciences clusters, and we need to ensure
        we are prepared to accommodate the        mcmaster University is consistently ranked amongst
        commercialization activities, and subsequent   Canada’s most research-intensive universities,
        job creation, of our researchers and local   including #1 between 2017-2020, with a total
        partners.” said Karen Mossman, Vice       sponsored research income of $371.6 million in
        President Research at McMaster and chair of   2020. it also ranked no. 2 in medical and science
        MIP’s board of directors.                 grants in the country. the university’s global
                                                  reputation included being named among the top
        The company formed in 2015 out of the     100 universities in the world since 2003, helping to
        research of McMaster professor Dr. John   attract leading researchers to the region.
        Valliant and the work of the Centre for
        Probe Development and Commercialization   the university is home to dozens of research centres
        (CPDC). Building on McMaster’s decades-   and institutes working in human health and life
        long leadership in nuclear medicine,      sciences.
        the CPDC has completed more than 50
        radiopharmaceutical discovery, development,   Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) is the 4  ranked
        and manufacturing programs and brought    research hospital in Canada with 10 sites and
        more than a dozen products into clinical
        development.                              specialized expertise in cardiovascular, stroke, burns,
                                                  neurosurgery, pediatrics, gastrointestinal, high-risk
                                                  obstetrics, cancer, orthopedics, and rehabilitation
        Valliant, now Fusion’s CEO, says the history-  services. it is the most comprehensive hospital
        making investment in Fusion will only raise   network in ontario, and the only one in the province
        awareness about is happening in Hamilton.
                                                  that cares for all ages, from gestation to end-of-life.
        “We are nimble and fast in Hamilton and   St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton has a national
        that’s a significant advantage. Hamilton   reputation for outstanding patient care and
        has great people, research and technology   innovative medical and surgical treatments. it is
        and is building its ecosystem based on that   well known for excellence in respiratory care, kidney
        success. This is definitely the time for all this   and urinary care, mental health and addictions,
        to happen in Hamilton.”
                                                  surgical services, cancer surgery, as well as
                                                  women’s and infant-care.

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