Page 6 - Synapse Life Sciences Consortium
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the success of the competition in bringing   “the Synapse Consortium is built around
          together anchor institutions led to the creation   amazing anchor organizations that laid the
          of the one-of-a-kind Synapse life Science    groundwork for the life sciences cluster
          Consortium in 2016.                          in Hamilton”, says David Carter, Executive
                                                       Director at innovation Factory. “now they are
          the Consortium acts as a single voice for    collaborating in such a way that removes
          the life sciences sector in Hamilton, offering   barriers and creates a path of least resistance
          a strategic broker to investors, researchers,   that makes things happen quickly and
          clinicians, and entrepreneurs.               efficiently.”
                                                       “the power of the Synapse Consortium is
                                                       bringing those players together to act as one,
                                                       telling the great story that is Hamilton and
                                                       what is happening here, and taking a concierge
                                                       approach to helping start-up companies find
                                                       what they need and scale-up companies to

                                                       “the consortium opens doors to big institutions
                                                       for entrepreneurs in a way that doesn’t happen
                                                       in other cities”, says Carter.

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