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Mayer Institute – delivers world-class,   McMaster Manufacturing Research Institute   mHealth & eHealth Development and Innovation
                                                                   Centre (MEDIC) – an established leader in digital
          evidence based diabetic foot wound care   (MMRI) – one of Canada’s most advanced and   health, working alongside governments, health
          and education.              best equipped research laboratories, combines   agencies, hospitals, clinicians, researchers and
   research excellence with state-of-the-art   NGOs in Canada and around the world.
                                      equipment to meet the sophisticated research and
                                      development needs of leading manufacturers.   ehealth-development-and-innovation-centre-medic

          McMaster Immunology Research Centre                      Population Health Research Institute (PHRI) – a
          (MIRC) – enables ease of collaboration   NUCLEAR OPERATIONS   world leader in large clinical trials and population
                                                                   studies and Canada’s premier cardiovascular
                                                 & FACILITIES
          and integration of basic and translational               research institute. With a staff of 350, PHRI
          research themes, and is characterized by   McMaster’s Nuclear Reactor – the first   oversees more than $150 million in clinical trials
          impact discoveries of immune mechanisms   university-based research reactor in the British   each year.
          and new approaches towards therapeutics   Commonwealth, it is the world’s largest producer
          in disease. specialized equipment and   of two critical rare medical isotopes (iodine-125
          pharmaceutical manufacturing capacity that   and holmium-166) used to treat cancers.    TAARI
          have made McMaster a Canadian leader in the  THROMBOSIS AND ATHEROSCLEROSIS
                                                                        RESEARCH INSTITUTE
          development of immunotherapies, including                Thrombosis and Atherosclerosis Research
          life-saving vaccines to combat cancer and                Institute (TaARI) – is working to reduce death and
          infectious diseases such as tuberculosis.                disability from thrombotic diseases by conducting
                                 research into the pathogenesis, prevention,
                                                                   diagnosis and treatment of thrombosis and
                                                                   vascular disease.
                                      Medical Technologies Innovation Centre
                     INSTITUTE FOR    (MTIC) – provides an interactive collaborative
                     RESEARCH ON AGING  space for research and innovation. In partnership
                                      with industry, the community and experts
          McMaster Institute for Research on Aging   in engineering, education and health, MTIC   Urologic Cancer Centre for Research &
          (MIRA) – examines the biological, behavioural,   supports quality patient care in a rapidly evolving   Innovation (UCCRI) at St. Joe’s – pushing
          technological and environmental factors that   healthcare landscape.   the boundaries of urological oncology through
          affect how people age.  research and education.”
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