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Hamilton is a hub for life sciences with leading research hospitals and top academic centers. With transformational research and innovations fueling commercial endeavors, Hamilton continues to hold its reputation as a hub for life sciences innovation. In the last decade, we’ve seen business growth, increased investment, and an influx of top talent. Explore Hamilton’s thriving life sciences evolution and check out the Annual Synapse Cluster Report and the Synapse Life Science Consortium Brochure. 

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Hamilton's Annual Life Science Cluster Report

Exploring Hamilton’s Life Science Triumphs

The 2022 Cluster Report captures Hamilton’s thriving life sciences ecosystem, underpinned by exceptional research institutions like McMaster University and vital contributions from Hamilton Health Sciences and St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton. This synergy drives innovative breakthroughs. Notable highlights from the year include OmniaBio Inc.’s record-breaking $580-million facility, Canada’s largest CDMO for cell and gene therapy, thanks to a $40 Million Ontario investment.

Read about more successes, growth, and significant wins from regional companies by checking out the full report.

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Synapse Ecosystem Brochure

Discover the 50+ world-renowned organizations advancing life science innovation across Hamilton

Hamilton’s exceptional expertise in research and innovation, clinical trials, healthcare education, and the commercialization of life sciences has garnered international recognition. Over the past ten years, Hamilton has experienced a substantial rise in the establishment of new companies, capital investment, and the attraction of specialized talent.

Discover Canada’s leading health research and education cluster.

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