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Our Value Proposition: Leverage Hamilton’s Life Science Assets and Resources

Hamilton is blessed with a strong life sciences cluster, including world class research institutions, sophisticated private companies and supporting organizations that help to link innovation with business.

Leverage sits at the heart of Synapse’s value proposition for its members and their partners. By promoting and facilitating access to assets and partners across the ecosystem, Synapse will reduce the time, effort, and resources required for you to do business.

Examples of how we can help companies and institutions include:

  • Discover and network with new partners and resources to do business … without a time-consuming search.
  • Learn about and engage with life science cluster projects, initiatives, and assets … without having pre-existing connections.
  • Raise profile through participation in facilitated tours with out-of-town
    partners / investors … without having to initiate or arrange meetings.
  • Magnify impact of policy  and regulatory advocacy through collective action … without re-organizing around each priority.
  • Receive assistance with product development and commercialization of innovation … without having to establish personal networks across ecosystem.
  • Learn relevant cluster news, events and statistics … without having to visit multiples sources or conduct analysis.
  • Promote benefits of doing business in the region through shared marketing/branding in the media, conferences and trade missions … without having to attend in person.
  • and much more …

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collective benefit

Business is not a zero-sum game; when any of our companies thrive, we all benefit from their success.  Synapse supports and celebrates the achievements through a single, cohesive narrative for the Hamilton life sciences cluster, with the goal of elevating its profile nationally and around the world.

Synapse will actively promote and create visibility for the Hamilton region through the development of brand and narrative materials that highlight the strengths and successes in the region. The Consortium will also promote and recognize industry leaders within the cluster, as well as assist other groups in the region with doing their own outreach. Using the resources provided and their association with the Synapse brand, they will be able to more powerfully promote themselves and the region as a highly attractive place to work, live and invest.

Through these activities, Synapse will help foster a central connection point for the region’s life science cluster, facilitating relationships and networks across the cluster and providing the foundation to broaden its global reach.