Mariner’s LaparoGuard Lands at Hamilton General Hospital

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Mariner Endosurgery, an innovative Canadian medical device company leading commercialization of computer-assisted surgical tools, is pleased to announce that Hamilton General Hospital is the first hospital in the world to acquire Mariner’s LaparoGuard technology. LaparoGuard provides an innovative solution of augmented surgical visualization, advanced imaging, navigation and informatics, all designed to improve the safety profile of minimally invasive procedures.

LaparoGuard will be used by the team led Dr. Niv Sne at Hamilton General Hospital. Dr. Sne is a trauma surgeon with Hamilton Health Sciences and Associate Professor of Surgery at McMaster University proficient in advanced laparoscopic cases. He is also the principal investigator for the LaparoGuard clinical trial at the Hamilton General.

The system will allow Dr. Sne and the surgeons at Hamilton General Hospital to operate with a state-of-the-art, fully integrated solution designed to improve the safety profile and teaching utility of laparoscopic surgical cases.

Hamilton General Hospital is a leading edge teaching hospital with 607 beds, and has grown to become a provider for the entire South Central Ontario region. As part of the Hamilton Health Sciences hospital system, Hamilton General Hospital draws upon its rich, collaborative research network to push innovation and conduct ground-breaking research centered around improving patient care.

LaparoGuard provides surgeons with the latest advancements in surgical visualization technology to perform live, intuitive and patient-specific approaches for minimally invasive abdominal procedures. Inspired by the heads-up display of a fighter jet, LaparoGuard allows surgeons to annotate areas of risk, and then see 3D renderings of surgeon-defined safety zones as a heads-up, real-time image overlay. This information from LaparoGuard is seamlessly integrated into the operating room’s conventional visualization equipment, and LaparoGuard’s functionality provides surgeons with valuable additional spatial awareness information.

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