Page 10 - Synapse Survey 2021
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Canada’s Research Hub

        Hamilton possesses unrivaled
        research expertise and

        resources required to enable
        the commercialization
        of ideas, such as: the
        Population Health Research
        Institute (PHRI), a global
        leader in large clinical trials
        and population health

        observational studies; the                                   3,982
        Global Nexus for Pandemics
        and Biological Threats                                       research projects
        which brings together top                                   in the last five years
        experts across disciplines
        and sectors; and Canada’s
        leader in developing
        and commercializing
        regenerative medicine-based           Ranking WoRLD CLaSS ECoSyStEM

        technologies and cell and
        gene therapies, the Centre                  #1                #2                2 nd              50+
        for Commercialization of
        Regenerative Medicine
                                                Ranked research-  Ranked research   Largest hospital   Research institutes
                                                intensive university   intensive college in   network in Ontario,   and centres
                                                in Canada McMaster   Canada  Mohawk   4  largest in Canada
                                                University (2020)  College (2020)

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