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Hamilton’s Life Science Cluster

        Hamilton is one of the most vibrant midsized            Hamilton is home to investors with specialized
        life science clusters in North America. Bringing        knowledge in life sciences, as well as network
        together world class research and academic              of organizations that enable investment. For
        institutions, leading hospital networks,                example, Bay Area Health Trust (BAHT) has
        sophisticated private companies, and supporting         invested millions of dollars to support growth-
        organizations, the Hamilton life science cluster        oriented life science companies. Recent direct
        links innovative research with the business acumen      investments in Hamilton-based companies include
        required to get it to market. Hamilton’s life science   VoxNeuro and Mariner Endosurgery.
        cluster is the largest in the city, home to 203
        organizations who collectively employ 36,649            McMaster Innovation Park, situated on 55 acres in
        individuals.                                            the heart of Hamilton’s Innovation District, is the
                                                                fulcrum of a life sciences mega-hub stretching
        This cluster in Hamilton is flourishing, seeing the     from Toronto to Hamilton.  MIP has embarked on a
        formation of 43 new life science companies since        $1.75 billion buildout that will grow its footprint by
        2016, who can draw upon 7,170 STEM students             an additional 2.8 million sq ft of mixed-use facilities
        who graduates each years from two of the nation’s       focused on life sciences (including 1.3 million
        top academic institutions. The combination of new       sq ft of wet lab space for scaling companies),
        company formation and talent generation has             advanced materials and manufacturing, and
        put Hamilton on the map as a leading life science       ICT.  This new space will create an innovation
        cluster in Canada.
                                                                continuum from fundamental research labs
                                                                to start-up spaces, to early-stage production
        Notable organizations within Hamilton’s cluster
        include Stryker, Fusion Pharmaceuticals and the         facilities and full-scale biomanufacturing. This
        McMaster Innovation Park. Stryker, one of the           ambitious project will deliver the kind of space
        top-ten largest medical device companies in the         and resources that scaling organizations require to
        world, recently invested $100 million to build          succeed, building on MIP’s well-earned reputation
        their Canadian headquarters in Hamilton. Fusion         as a place of discovery, commercialization, and
        Pharmaceuticals, while still in the clinical phase,     entrepreneurship.
        demonstrated the promising potential of using
        targeted alpha therapeutics to improve the safety       Hamilton’s success as a life science cluster is truly
        of radiopharmaceuticals by launching the 2nd            one-of-a-kind, possessing similar capabilities,
        largest biotech IPO in Canadian history.                capacity, and resources of much larger cities,
                                                                coupled with a strong spirit of collaboration
        In Hamilton, start-up and scaling companies are         that comes from being a midsized city. As a
        increasingly successful in accessing public- and        result, Hamilton’s ecosystem can move quickly
        private-sector funding to grow and scale their          to develop public-private relationships, moving
        businesses. More than $620 million was raised by        forward on projects at the rapid and demanding
        Hamilton companies during the past five years.          speed of business.

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