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Hamilton – The Ambitious City

        Hamilton is one of Canada’s most diverse                on one of the largest infrastructure
        and multicultural cities, with one in four              investments in the city’s history – a $4
        people born abroad. Located at the                      billion light rail transit system, spanning
        economic centre of Canada, Hamilton can                 14 kilometers through the heart of its
        draw upon nine million people who live                  downtown core.
        within an hour’s commute. With a long
        history of welcoming those looking to                   In 2021, Hamilton was recognized for
        build a new life, Hamilton accepts ~4,000
                                                                its excellence in connectivity, business
        new immigrants each year. It is expected                friendliness, and human capital and
        that the city’s population will swell from              lifestyle, as well as being ranked the
        585,000 to 820,000 by 2050.
                                                                number two Mid-Size Americas City
                                                                of the Future (by Foreign Direct
        Conveniently situated 68 kilometres                     Investment Magazine). Hamilton is
        south of Toronto and an equal distance                  the fulcrum of Southern Ontario’s
        west of the U.S. border, Hamilton is a                  economy, demonstrating a strength in
        key transportation hub for the region.                  a variety of industrial sectors, including
        Ontario’s only multi-modal city, Hamilton               heavy and advanced manufacturing,
        is home to the province’s largest port and              culture + media, education,
        the largest overnight express cargo airport             transportation + logistics, and, of
        in Canada. Hamilton has just embarked                   course life sciences.

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