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The private sector plays the central role in driving   Mohawk College’s IDEAWORKS fills the space
        the commercialization of life science innovation.      between research and solutions by delivering
        In Hamilton there is a strong supporting cast of       customized support to organizations. IDEAWORKS
        public-sector and non-profit organizations providing   is an active hub of applied research and innovation
        support. These include incubators/ accelerators (e.g.,  that enables Mohawk faculty, staff, and students
        Innovation Factory, The Forge), specialized capital    to collaborate with industry partners to complete
        (e.g., Bay Area Health Trust, AngelOne), professional   real-world projects. IDEAWORKS specializes in
        services (e.g., Gowlings, FYELABS), research centres   eHealth/mHealth, Medical Technologies, Energy,
        and institutes (e.g., Population Health Research       Internet of Things (IoT) and Additive Manufacturing.
        Institute, Centre for Probe Development and            Projects aim to address specific industry needs and
        Commercialization), post-secondary institutions        to provide small businesses and other organizations
        (e.g., McMaster University, Mohawk College),           with access to Mohawks outstanding resources to
        hospitals/care providers (e.g., Hamilton Health        become more productive, innovative, and complete.
        Sciences, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton) as well    Mohawk College is a recognized leader in health
        as government and public service (e.g., Hamilton       and technology education and consistently ranks
        Economic Development, Hamilton Chamber).               among the top 10 colleges in Canada for applied
                                                               research – ranked #1 in terms of paid student
        At the centre of every successful life science cluster   researchers (353). Mohawk is known for developing
        are hospital and academic institutions directing       work-ready students ready to begin their career –
        significant resources towards general and applied      86% of graduates are working within six months of
        research. Home to four nationally recognized           graduating.
        leaders in research, Hamilton is no exception. In
        2021, McMaster University was once again named         The past two years have been difficult for many as
        Canada’s most research-intensive university for        the COVID-19 pandemic threatened the stability
        the fourth year running while Mohawk College           and continuity of many SMEs in the community.
        ranked as Canada’s fourth most research-intensive      However, in times of crisis, innovation moves us
        college. Hamilton is also a regional hub for health    forward. St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton quickly
        care and professional training, possessing hospitals   realized this as researchers at the hospital developed
        that employ some of the most talented medical          novel supplies and methods for high-throughput
        professionals in Canada. Hamilton Health Sciences      COVID-19 testing due to the continuous shortage
        is the second largest and fourth most research-        of critical lab supplies caused by the pandemic.
        intensive hospital in Canada while St. Josephs         With the implementation of advanced robotics
        Healthcare Hamilton is home to the Research            the hospital has seen their novel high-throughput
        Institute, which oversees the work of over 200         molecular test become implemented in labs across
        researchers and their teams.                           Ontario. Meanwhile, Hamilton Health Sciences
                                                               invested an additional $14.6 million into their health
        Hamilton’s two globally renowned academic              system to aid on their COVID-19 response, which
        institutions, McMaster University and Mohawk           included a significant project worth $2.5 million
        College, enrolled 62,000 students in the past          that saw the addition of 250 stretchers to support
        academic year – over 50% of whom are enrolled in       the city’s pandemic response. Hamilton also saw
        a STEM program. In addition to current students,       a shortage in PPE equipment, leading to local
        there are 7,172 newly graduated STEM students –        companies Whitebird and Forsythe Lubricants
        13% of whom earned a graduate degree. McMaster         pivoting their existing manufacturing capacity and
        University is one of only four Canadian universities   product offerings to provide PPE equipment to aid
        consistently ranked in the world’s top 100, with a     in Hamilton’s fight against the virus.
        proud tradition of academic and research excellence.
        Pushing the boundaries of knowledge through their      Finally, the Synapse Life Science Consortium
        ground-breaking teaching and their world-class         acts as strategic broker for the cluster, facilitating
        interdisciplinary research. McMaster’s problem-based  collaborations, accelerating commercialization, and
        and student-centred approach to learning – The         promoting the growing sector across Ontario and
        McMaster Model – is recognized around the world.       around the world.

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