Synapse Consortium Ecosystem Brochure: Connect With Canada’s Leading Health Innovation Ecosystem

Design, Develop and Deploy Innovative Technology in Hamilton, Ontario

The Synapse Life Science Consortium is pleased to present the latest edition of the Hamilton Life Science Ecosystem Brochure, offering a comprehensive look into the vibrant landscape of Hamilton’s burgeoning life science sector. This brochure serves as a portal to Canada’s foremost health innovation ecosystem, spotlighting the collaborative endeavors and achievements that underscore Hamilton’s reputation as a leading hub for life science innovation.

With a dynamic workforce of 46,900 individuals spanning 217 companies, clinical, and academic organizations, the sector’s annual activity amounts to a notable $5.5 billion, the Hamilton Life Science Ecosystem Brochure showcases the size, scope and capabilities of the region’s health ecosystem. Functioning as an impactful business development tool, it accentuates the region’s strengths and fosters a spirit of collaboration. 

This resource aims to highlight the unique partnerships among key institutions like McMaster University, Mohawk College, and leading hospitals such as St. Joe‘s and Hamilton Health Sciences, along with initiatives like Innovation Factory’s SOPHIE and HEALTHI programs that facilitate vital connections between academia, research entities, and entrepreneurial ventures. Several innovative companies also highlighted, including AtomVie, Fero International, Hyivy Health, and Epineuron, are examples of the technology disruption that is driving Hamilton’s life science sector forward. From establishing new manufacturing facilities in Hamilton’s robust infrastructure to developing groundbreaking medical devices, these companies exemplify the city’s position as a hub for health innovation.

“This brochure is a mechanism to showcase the unity among the region’s life science community by highlighting our members’ shared goals and interconnected activities,” said Alex Muggah, Director of the Synapse Life Science Consortium. “We all want to see the ecosystem thrive – we’re all in this together.”

This brochure integrates and showcases the Hamilton health ecosystem’s capabilities by providing high-level statistics, highlights successes. It is also designed as a business development tool to promote the Hamilton region and remind the community of their collective involvement.

Review the brochure and learn about the ecosystem that’s shaping the future of health innovation.

About Synapse Life Science Consortium 

The Synapse Life Science Consortium serves as the formal regional cluster organization for the life sciences ecosystem in the greater Hamilton area. It acts as a strategic broker within the community, aimed at supporting the commercialization of innovative health technology. Founded by Innovation Factory alongside partners that include major life science organizations in Hamilton, the Consortium represents 36,000 employees and nearly $470 million in annual research, playing a pivotal role in the regional economic landscape since its inception in 2016.



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